Horizontal Blinds

graber_Horizontal_blindsGraber Aluminum Horizontal Blinds

Nothing beats the versatility of heavy duty 6 or 8 guage aluminum horizontal blinds. Advanced Finishing Technology creates a durable, anti-static finish that repels dust and is scratch and stain resistant.

Horizontal blinds are available in 1/2″, 1″, or 2″ slat sizes and come in an endless array of decorative colors.

The clever design of the privacy option (1″ slat only) provides maximum privacy and light control by placing rout holes further back on the slats. When blinds are closed, holes virtually disappear—no one can peek through and light won’t leak through.

1″ Classic Supreme/Privacy (6-gauge) and Performance Supreme/Privacy (8-gauge) blinds are available with the Cordless option—the safest window treatment—which is ideal for homes with children and pets.

graber-horizontal-vinylGraber Vinyl Horizontal Blinds

Graber 2″ Designer Vinyl blinds open a whole new world of window decorating ideas. Richly textured embossed prints, elegant neutrals, and wood tones add a decorative dimension not typically found in horizontal blinds. Vinyl blinds are the perfect choice for high-humidity locations such as kitchens, bathrooms, or waterfront homes.

The patented SureClose™ steel headrail features a light blocking lip for optimum closure. Made of heavy-gauge vinyl, they provide maximum durability, excellent privacy, and light control.

All styles of vinyl blinds coordinate beautifully with Graber vertical blinds to create a “room full of windows” and feature a neutral street side appearance. Options include decorative cloth tapes, AutoMate® 2″ Horizontal Tilt System, and Stafford™ Valance

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Contact us today: 256-650-0465 or 256-468-9465 or email us