Ado Decorative Accessories... Dimentional stability, flawless, colorfast. How do you get that pulled together look that everyone oos and ahs over? It’s all in the details. Trims and accessories are on the hot list of this season’s most stylish decorator touches. Even the cleanest, simplest look can be perfectly set off with the right embellishment — subtly picking up another color or texture in the room.

Ado Crown… The crowning glory of your decor. Transform an ordinary setting into a completely finished one with the ADO Crown Collection. These top treatments bring life to any window. Choose from a variety of colors and designs to create the crowning glory of any décor.

Ado Quilting… It’s not just for country or rustic styles, quilting adds depth to many decors. With ADO’s fabrics and quilting designs, you can lend coziness and texture to a wide array of decorating styles. With elegant patterns like the fleur-de-lis, to the more modern horizontal line pattern, quilting can lend a touch of warmth to your surrounding.

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Contact us today: 256-650-0465 or 256-468-9465 or email us