Faux Iron Coverings

Tableaux™ is available in more than 140 styles – from intricate “Moorish” designs to open, geometrical patterns for modern interiors. All designs can be configured to the exact shape and size for your project. Navigate the menu to the right to see a variety of installations.

Faux Iron Doors

Tableaux™ is the perfect solution to enhance the look of existing or new doors. Lightweight, the designs can be cut in 3/8″ to 1/2″ thickness to fit in-between two sheets of glass. Tableaux in this application would be carved two-sides.

Faux Iron Windows

Many new homes today have beautiful, clerestory and arched windows. Tableaux™ adds panache and style with open or intricate patterns that allow light, offer privacy and cast beautiful shadows on facing walls and ceilings.

Faux Iron Niches

Finding a decorative item to fit into the popular niche spaces can be a challenge. Expand the theme of your room with a Tableaux™ design to fit any period.

Mounting can be directly onto the drywall or laterally into the recess.

Faux Iron Ceiling Medallians

Because Tableaux™ is so lightweight, it can be easily and safely anchored to the ceiling, adding beautiful accents to light fixtures or recess areas.

Faux Iron Decorative Accents

Use Tableaux™ as a decorative accent above furniture, as sculpture, headboards, mirrors… the possibilities are limitless.

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Contact us today: 256-650-0465 or 256-468-9465 or email us