Cellular Shades

Graber Cellular Shades With CrystalPleat® cellular shades on your windows, there are few boundaries to your creativity. Soft fabrics and luxurious colors make feel comfy and cozy in even the most elegant of rooms. The cellular design of CrystalPleat forms pockets of air that insulate windows from heat and cold to make your home more comfortable year-round. And they’re sound absorbent to reduce unwanted noise.

Available in 3 cell sizes: the original 3⁄8″ double cell, 3⁄8″ single cell, and 3⁄4″ single cell (ideal for larger windows) to satisfy a variety of decorating tastes.

The CrystalPleat color selection is dazzling, featuring hundreds of solid colors, intriguing prints and rich textures. CrystalPleat Cocoon™, a true blackout shade, provides complete privacy and light control.

CrystalPleat shades are available with the Cordless option which is ideal for homes with children and pets. The Continuous Loop Lift System option raises heavier and wider shades easily. The Bottom Up/Top Down option allows you to raise shade from the bottom or lower it from the top—ideal for bedroom or bath where you want both privacy and light control.

Renaissance™ Cellular Shades Renaissance™ Cellular Shades

With a variety of decorating palettes to match your distinguished taste, the Renaissance Collection evokes the environment of ample ambiance and captivating charm. The Renaissance Collection exceeds your expectations for creativity and quality.

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Contact us today: 256-650-0465 or 256-468-9465 or email us